The Inseparables: Jack and Coke

“Raise a glass and celebrate with Motörhead and their ol’ friend Jack."

Motorheadbangers came together on 28th December 2015 to raise a glass of Jack and Coke in honor of their fallen hero, Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister. Lemmy, Motorhead’s lead vocalist, had been a huge inspiration for them. With no celebrity like air about him, Lemmy was well-loved by one and all. The Rainbow Bar & Grill happened to be his favourite jaunt. He would often offer his fans a combination of Jack Daniels and Coke whenever they frequented the bar.  

This concoction is as universal a pairing as gin and tonic. The drink is served in a handsome highball or Collins glass, and sometimes in an old-fashioned glass. Jack and Coke has a sour twist with a pleasantly peculiar smoothness, striking a perfect balance between sweet and sour. Jack Daniel’s is probably the only American whiskey that goes well with coke. Coke accentuates the oaky undertones of the whiskey. The mellowness of Jack Daniel’s compliments the coke without diluting its bite.

According to the 1907 United States Bureau of Chemistry report, Jack Daniels and Coke mixture was originally referred to as "Coca-Cola highball". As the brand observes its 150th anniversary, Jack Daniels is now officially Britain’s best-selling whiskey brand.

However, with a lot of ‘Lemmy’ petition going around lately, this cocktail combination has been officially renamed to honor the mastermind of Motörhead. The Food & Beverage magazine used this momentous occasion tell the world of this symbolic gesture. The argument will, therefore, persist that the man and the drink will “forever be associated”.


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