Faces behind famous whisky cocktails


Whisky In Your Hookah

Derived from the term Arabic ‘’, is a Hindustani word. There are various theories that revolve around the origination of the hookah. Some say it originated in Persia, while many attribute its origin to the Mughal emperor Akbar’s reign.

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For marketing enthusiasts today, social media is a platform which never fails to disappoint. Whisky distillers and distributers are making use of it to gather data on whisky drinkers and come up with actionable sales enablement insights. Here, we take a look at a social media study conducted by Brandwatch on tipple enthusiasts across Britain. Whisky has gone mass-market and very much like any other product in the CPG industry, it i

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A Speyside Spectacle: Conversing with Cragganmore

It’s true, that the best scotch is born in the Speyside of Scotland. But what hasn’t yet reached the palates of most whisky aficionados is one of the rarest drams. A distillery with just 2 exquisite expressions for over a century now, Cragganmore has stood the true test of time.

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