5 Cocktails for the Indian Summer

The great Indian summer is upon us. And, it may not be as beautiful a one as Dry Valley Johnson had when he met his beloved in the wilfully defiant Panchita O’ Brien. Let’s admit that none of us live in an O. Henry story and things may not be quite as yielding. That doesn’t mean we can’t spruce up our summers. Hey, there may not be 101 exciting ways of doing summer right and adding cheer to sultry summer days, but mixing up icy cocktails can sure take the edge off stewing in the heat. On that note, here’s a handful of spunky whisky cocktails to add glory to the most sweltering of Indian summers.

1. The Scarlet Starlet

Served at a Venetian hotel in the Las Vegas, this cocktail is an unforeseen blend of scotch with cognac. It is the best of both world in a whisky cocktail. You will need to invest in a hibiscus syrup, but Starlet is such a stunner that it can add oomph to your summer date.

For making the drink, add scotch with freshly squeezed lime juice, lightly beaten egg white, cognac, hibiscus and syrup in a cocktail shaker. Shake till blended well. Pour over a bed of crushed ice and float a few rose petals on top. Your Scarlet Starlet is ready to turn heads.


2. The Good Doctor

With a name like that to its credit, The Good Doctor is a cocktail to bank on, anytime of any day! This sophisticated blend combines equal quantities of Amaro with a light-bodied rye whiskey to create a very sippable summertime cocktail with a generous helping of Dr. Pepper. Substitute the Dr. Pepper with some good old cola and you’re set to enjoy The Good Doctor on a humid summer afternoon. Know more about the best whisky brands in India which can be used in this cocktail.


3. The Billionaire

We believe that every cocktail that has whisky in it is a potential winner, but this one is a different ball game altogether. But, that’s not all. Born in a watering hole in NYC, the Billionaire is a cocktail extraordinaire. With high-proof bourbon and 1/4th of absinthe, equal parts simple syrup, lemon juice and grenadine, it is as rich a concoction as it can get. A sure headturner for your next cocktail party, don’t give this one a miss.


4. Melisse Whisky Sour

Ah, what a pretty name for a whisky cocktail, isn’t it? However, that’s not the sole reason why it made it on your summer special cocktails list. This delicate drink is a connoisseur’s delight, a perfect blend of tartness and sweetness with a fruity pop and a floral hit.

All you need to blend this beauty is some nice bourbon, lemon, angostura bitters and simple syrup. Gently float a layer of foamy beaten egg white on top and your glorious drink it ready to cherish.


5. Elderflower Old Fashioned

Nothing, we repeat nothing, can beat the simplistic appeal of an old fashioned whisky cocktail. No wonder, many variations of the drink exist today. But, since we’re adding a summery twist to our favourite whisky drink, how about a dash of woody elderflower nectar in the drink? Fruity, floral and fun, shake together some Kentucky Old Bourbon, St. Germain and angostura bitters to create this beautiful cocktail. Pour into a chilled glass, decorate with freshly plucked flowers from your garden and you’ve a classy drink that will not only save your day but lift your mood too.


Whether you’re throwing a pool party, or planning a lazy night over with friends, these whisky cocktails will jazz up your summer days. Go on and shake up a storm this summer and raise your glass to the charismatic golden spirit over and over again.

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