10 Simple Ways to Cure a Whiskey Hangover


Be it Saturday night party, or a friend’s birthday bash, when it comes to alcohol, less is never more. But, who likes to be hungover the next morning? Familiar with the weak, and woozy feeling on a Sunday morning? Well, have fun as you might, your body just won’t keep shut. So, if you drink like a fish (or even if you don’t), read on to find out about quirky hangover cures.

1.Hair of Dog: If you like Bloody Mary, try adding bourbon instead of gin. The celery and tomato juice will replenish your body with vitamins.

2. Carrot and Cilantro Cooler: Similar to the Hair of Dog is another vitamin-packed savory drink. You can add bourbon or single malt Scotch into the cilantro cooler. Your body will be thanking you for this.

3. The Pairing Game: Water may just have bacteria, but it sure keeps you hydrated. Have a glass of water after every cocktail, or beer and you can wave good bye to hangover worries.

4. The Mercy Drink: A caffeine-free vitamin drink for a hangover cure? Yes, it is a miracle. You don’t need your coffee for this one. Before hitting the bed, have a can of the Mercy Drink.

5. Get Fresh Air and Exercise: Sweat it out in the morning, for nothing beats a headache like a good run in the fresh morning air.

6. Avoid Cigarette or Cigar: Stick to one bad boy at a time. Give the cigarette a miss.

7. Get Enough Sleep: The best way to deal with a lot of alcohol in your body is to sleep it off.

8. A Good Healthy Breakfast: Splurge on a hearty, fruity, and cereal-rich breakfast.

9. Coconut to the Rescue: Sip on some cool coconut water to rehydrate your body.

10. Spice it Up: Have some super-spicy food after your drinking binge. However, this is not for the faint of heart.

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