Talisker Distillery: A Scottish Stalwart

Set on the shores of Loch Harport in the village of Carbost, Talisker distillery is the oldest working distillery on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. It was founded in 1830 and built a year later, after Kenneth and Hugh MacAskill acquired the lease of Talisker House. The distillery produced the finest of single malt scotch whisky and was extended in 1900. But on 22nd November, 1960, a fire completely destroyed their still-house. It took another two years to rebuild the distillery with exact replicas of the previous five copper pot stills to preserve the essence of the original Talisker.

Talisker Distillery matures most of its spirits in American oak casks. However, the Talisker Distillers Editions are matured longer, with a finishing period in amoroso sherry casks. This gives a rich sherried note to the single malt, and is distinctly different from other smoky, spicy whiskies that the distillery offers. The malted barley they use comes from Muir of Ord. The water used in production comes from the Burn of Cnocnam Speireag and is known to add salty, peaty notes to their scotch.

Perched in the Inner Hebridean Scottish Isles, Skye is a place of extremes. Windswept rugged peaks of the Cuillin, and the gentle shores of the sea, the distillery tries to capture this contradiction in their scotch whisky. Talisker invites people from all across the globe to visit their distillery, witness their traditional pot stills, and the worm tubs that they believe make Talisker unique. Conducting several tours a day, all year round, Talisker wants the world to not just understand their craft but their homeland too.


Set Sail for the James Sedgwick Distillery

Away from the popular whisky destinations of Europe stands an award-winning 130-year-old whisky distillery on the shores of South Africa. About an hour’s drive from the city of Cape Town lies The James Sedgwick Distillery, founded in 1850 by the eponymous Captain James Sedgwick. After bidding adieu to the sea, the captain retired for a quiet life by the serene waters of the cape. He soon made his foray into a liquor, cigar, and tobacco business, establishing J. Sedgwick & Co. After the captain’s death in 1870, his four sons expanded the already flourishing business, importing wines, and brewing their own brandy.  And, they did not stop at that. They bought two buildings by the Berg River in an attempt to create their own distillery. Who’d have known that the newly bought twin buildings were to become the oldest and the only commercial whisky distillery of South Africa one day? Standing tall and proud, steeped in history, the distillery offers a breath-taking view of Hawekwa, and Groenberg mountain ranges too.

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Discovering Asian Drams Yoichi Whisky Expedition

An hour west of Sopporo, nestled in the southeastern ridges of Shakotan Peninsula lies Yoichi. This modest Japanese hamlet- miles away from the bluegrass fields of Kentucky and Scottish highlands, is reminiscent of Japan’s one of the most highly coveted Whisky legacies surrounding Masataka Taketsuru- a man revered as the godfather of Japanese Whiskey.

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Discovering Oban Distillery, Scotland's Old Gem

The Oban Distillery is one of the oldest surviving distilleries in Scotland. Nestled between the rocky hills of the coastal Oban lies a slice of paradise for whisky lovers. The distillery is one of the smallest of its kind to produce single malt Scotch whisky by using “worm tubs”, a traditional method of crafting Highland malt.

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