Suave and Smooth: Gentleman's Julep

The very first mention of the mint julep goes back to 1784 when it was used as a medicine for stomach problems, frequent retching, and difficulty swallowing. Julep stands for a sweet drink that’s used to cure sickness.Who’d have thought a medicinal cure would go on become one of the most well-loved whisky drinks of all times? Americans often mixed their juleps with aged gins. However, of late, whisky-based juleps have eclipsed gin-based ones.

The Gentleman’s Julep is a modern day take on the Mint Julep. Here’s how you can go about making it:

You’ll need…

1/4th of a fresh white peach (cut it into 2 wedges and leave the extra for garnishing)

10 leaves of fresh mint and extra sprigs for garnishing

2 tsp. of sugar syrup

50 ml of whisky, preferably Aberlour

Ice cubes

A splash of champagne

Then you’ll have to…

In a cocktail shaker, place the wedges of white peach and mint leaves. Crush them slightly with a spoon. Add sugar syrup, ice, and whiskey. Shake it well. Strain this mixture in a tumbler and pour champagne on top. Over the edge of the glass, hook a mint sprig and a peach wedge.


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