One for Lovers of Tea: Earl Grey Bourbon Cocktail

You’ve watched long leaves unfurl and elegantly swirl in a steaming cup of golden fluid. You’ve taken a long sip, and marveled at the heady aroma of a first flush. Dainty patterns of blue flowers on smooth white porcelain, you’ve lovingly laid your tea-set for a lazy evening soiree. But have you ever wondered about the first time a cup of tea brewed? Tales of tea are many, and of them some go back all the way to China. It is said that a few leaves fell into a pot boiling hot water while Emperor Shen Nung’s troops were resting near a tea bush, giving the world its first taste of tea. Other rumours have it that Bodhidharma, upon waking up from a sleep that lasted 9 years cut his own eyelids apart. Those fell to the ground and the first tea bushes grew from his lashes.

Next time you have company for tea, you’ve tales to tell. To add to the charm of tea, here’s a cocktail that blends the elegance of tea with the warm embrace of whisky.

Mix Your Own Blackberry Bourbon Earl Grey Cocktail…

Take a handful of gorgeous blackberries in a thick-bottomed glass. Splash in some simple syrup. Muddle, crush and coddle till you’re left with a pool of dark purple juices. Pour in a perfectly brewed measure of Earl Grey tea. And now comes the best part-- the world of whisky is your oyster when choosing a bourbon for this recipe. We’d suggest you with the Peach Mist Canadian Mist Blended Whisky. The fresh, fruity flavours work like a charm with blackberries and Earl Grey. Then, stir, stir, stir your drink. Strain. Pour onto a bed of ice. Garnish with a sprig of mint and few blackberries. Sip. Swoon. Repeat.

Sandeman Royale