Meet the Three Wise Men

The three wise men – Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, and Jim Beam all contribute to making the perfect shot— one of those that give that terrific kick. A hint of scotch, a touch of Bourbon, and a dash of Tennessee— what more can you ask for? There are multiple ways to mix the cocktail. The popular variants include Three Wise Men Go Hunting, Three Wise Men Visit Mexico, Trini Wisemen, Southern Wisemen, Christmas Wisemen, Three Wise Men and a Baby, and Three Wisemen Hit Manhattan. Although the Christmas Wisemen consisting of peppermint schnapps is a holiday variant, Three Wise Men Go Hunting is a traditional recipe consisting of a portion of Wild Turkey (bourbon). Three Wise Men and a Baby tastes fairly different, featuring milk as the key constituent, and Three Wisemen Hit Manhattan is reminiscent of a classic Manhattan cocktail with a twist.

The shot is a tribute to the three iconic whiskies, without which the world of alcohol would appear rather different. All three are named after the men who played a fundamental role in making these whiskies big. It is recommended to stick to just one of these shots at a time, as the alcohol content is reasonably high - 30% ABV (60 proof).

Mix Your Own Three Wise Men

Pour the ingredients into a glass and mix well along with ice. Shake the mixture well and strain into a shot glass. Your drink is ready! Now, you could play around considerably with the ingredients. A small portion of peppermint liquor and cinnamon schnapps will give you the popular holiday cocktail, Christmas Wisemen. Adding an equal portion of Absinthe with whiskey, makes it Three Wisemen on Acid. Likewise, bars across the world, have invented countless techniques to add that extra oomph to this cocktail.

Include your own innovation, for the next party. Don’t forget to share the tips and tricks!

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