The Japanese Glitter Whisky Highball

The highball is probably one of the most common whisky drinks consumed around the world with the most famous variant being ye olde Scotch and Soda. However, the whisky highball can come in many shades but the most distinguishable feature of this mix is the tall glass of ice! The origin story of this familiar drink, however, has been lost in the meanders of time. Some speculate that this drink dates back to the 19th century golf course bars of United Kingdom.

The whisky highball does have a party outfit! The Japanese Glitter Highball Whisky is exactly what it sounds like-- a tall glass of delicious whisky and sparkling soda infused with Lustre dust. The Glitter Whisky Highball is an excellent way to discover whisky. Its taste appeals to the more refractory crowds as well. The Japanese prefer to consume alcohol along with food, and this is why this drink has witnessed a high popularity in the country. The drink is a fresh and sparkling whisky with an alcoholic content similar to that of beer, making it the perfect drink as an aperitif or to accompany your food.

The Japanese Highball saw a rise in consumption in the 60’s with Tory’s bar, a creation of Shinjiro Tori who also founded Suntory. The Kakubin Highball soon became the most popular drink of the folks.


Mix your own Glitter Whisky Highball

Pour in an 45 ml of your favourite whisky into a highball glass and add 30 ml of gold Lustre Dust, 2 dashes of hopped grapefruit bitters, and ice. Stir this mixture till all the ingredients have blended well. Top it off with sparkling soda and stir to get a smooth distribution of the ingredients. Raise your Glitter Whisky Highball and take a sip from the magical drink.

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