Bobby Burns Cocktail: A Warming Whisky Tale

Who doesn’t revere the classic Manhattan cocktail! If that tickles your tastebuds, then there is more to cheer for with an intriguing variation of it. The Bobby Burns cocktail - an impressive culmination of Scotch whisky laced with lovely liqueur.

The origins of this cocktail can be traced to the legendary Scottish poet, Robert Burns (1759-1796). However, there is an uncertain aspect regarding the name of the drink. Whilst most believed it to be associated with the poet, some attributed it to a regular visitor at the bar, who happened to be a cigar salesman. Also, interestingly, Bobby Burns is referred to as Robert Burns in the past cocktail recipe books.

Raising a toast with a Bobby Burns cocktail on 25th January to celebrate Burns Night or Burns Supper is a way to honour the birthday of this candid, witty and much loved poet who also was regarded as the national poet of Scotland. His simple background is also a characteristic of this cocktail and lends a certain modesty to its repertoire.

Scotch whisky with its reputation of being so diverse, offers more than one version of the Bobby Burns cocktail. With Scotch as the base spirit, it is a popular choice in the Scottish celebration of St. Andrew’s Day. This appetising drink is heart-warming and perfect for the winters. It promises a delicious bite of the smooth scotch and the splash of sweet liqueur, makes it a definite crowd-pleaser.

Mix Your Own Bobby Burns...

Fill your mixing glass with ice.

Top it up with 60 ml Scotch whisky, 30 ml sweet vermouth and 5 ml Benedictine.

Give it a good stir and strain it in your chilled glass.

Garnish with lemon twist, a slice of shortbread and serve.

Reminisce the golden age of the great Robert Burns’ satirical poetry with the sophisticated Bobby Burns cocktail. With its interesting blend of rich scotch and herbal Benedictine, the in-depth flavour profile soars to surprising heights.

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