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Pernod Ricard group was founded by Paul Ricard and Jean Hémard. India is the company's third largest market by value as of 2015.

Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt whisky offers the greatest variation and depth in flavour of all spirits as it is product of a single distillery, created in batches from only water, malted barley and yeast using copper pot stills.


Natu Nobilis Whisky

This Blended Whisky is bottled in Brazil by Pernod Ricard Brasil. ...

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Black Jack Whisky

Related to Tennessee, USA, it has its deep-rooted lodgings all over the world. ...

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Old Eight Whisky

Old Eight is one of the most famous whiskies in Brazil. ...

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Drury's Whisky

Drury’s is one of the most famous whiskies in Brazil. ...

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Natu Nobilis Celebrity Whisky

Special Scotch Malts Whiskey aged 12 years. Its imported malts aged in origin, plus the best quality national malts inspire the name Natu Nobilis: "Noble Berry" in Latin. After martingling, the malt acquires consistency and bouquet. ...

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