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Pernod Ricard group was founded by Paul Ricard and Jean Hémard. India is the company's third largest market by value as of 2015.

Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt whisky offers the greatest variation and depth in flavour of all spirits as it is product of a single distillery, created in batches from only water, malted barley and yeast using copper pot stills.


Premium Argentinian Whisky

Premium Whisky is a National top quality . It is a whisky made from Scottish malts rich golden color and pleasant taste ...

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Hiram Walker Whisky

It is produced with malted barley and a sum of cereals. Its color is deep golden and shiny. Its aroma is soft malty, vanilla and wood, slightly balanced. And its taste is soft and smoky. ...

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Nicholson Whiskey

Normally not seen outside the American Mid-West, this potent brew is aged for 7 years before release ...

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Old Smuggler Argentinian Whisky

Old Smuggler is a blended Scotch Whisky with a history that goes back to 1835. ...

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