Japanese Whisky Brands


“Otsukaresama deshita!” - The words aren’t scrambled, this is simply a Japanese cheering another to drink up and keep the stress at bay.

Drinking culture in Japan has evolved over the years, although in terms of Japanese whisky, the country only started producing it a little over a century ago in 1870. However, owing to the Japanese perseverance and pursuit of perfection, they have quickly risen to a level of expertise that has won them many accolades.

Japanese whisky is heavily inspired from the classic Scotch whisky as they share the same undertones.

History of Japanese Whisky

Two people who are considered to be the founding fathers of Japanese whisky are Shinjiro Torii and Masataka Taketsuru. Torii established the first distillery in Yamazaki, a suburb best known for its superior water. Taketsuru was an expert who had trained in Scotland and together they were successful in launching the country’s first whisky brand, Kotobukiya which is now popular as Suntory. Eventually, Taketsuru formed his own Japanese scotch, Dainipponkaju, which is now popularly known as Nikka. Even though there are a lot more brands out there, these 2 have stood the test of time and are considered the best produced by the country. Both produce single malt and blended malt whiskies.

Japanese Scotch Distilleries and Brands

As of now there are about 8 popular and commercial distilleries in Japan.


The first ever Japanese whisky brand, owned by Suntory, on the island of Honshū


Another Suntory distillery, in Yamanashi Prefecture


Dainipponkaju/Nikka’s first, on the island of Hokkaidō.


Nikka’s second one, near the city of Sendai


Hombo’s distillery in Nagano Prefecture

White Oak:

Established in 1984, Eigashima Shuzou’s distillery is located in Akashi, Hyogo


Founded by Ichiro Akuto, this is a relatively new distillery established in 2008 in Saitama Prefecture.

Fuji Gotemba:

Owned by Kirin, and as the name suggests, is at the foot of Mount Fuji

Public Acceptance

Since most people would prefer to have scotch made in Scotland, initially there was some scepticism around Japanese scotch brands.

Things changed when Nikka was awarded the “Best of the best Whisky” prize in 2001. Japanese whisky brands have consistently bagged the top spots in international competitions. Suntory, one of Japan’s largest alcoholic beverage conglomerates, have produced some of the finest Japanese whisky expressions for years. The Suntory Yamazaki is a single malt that has won multiple awards and is considered a drink to be reckoned with. In some competitions, Japanese whisky brands like Yamazaki and Nikka’s Yoichi have scored higher than their Scottish contemporaries during several blind tastings.

Difference between Scotch and Japanese Scotch

Aside from the obvious geographical distinction, Japanese whisky and Scotch whisky are not very different from each other.

Scotch whiskies have been known to blend whiskies from various brands and distilleries to create their expressions, however, Japanese blended whiskies do not follow this practice.

So how do the Japanese make blended whiskies? They do it with a smart mix of various fermentation techniques, yeast strains, cask types and their own brand of challenging the traditional notion of brewing. Even though they are winning accolades for quality and tradition, Japanese blends are especially lauded for their bold techniques and innovation.

Japanese Scotch Brands

Some of the best Japanese whisky brands one ought to try include,

Suntory Yamazaki 10-Year-Old- Mild single malt, ideal for those who are trying Japanese malt for the first time.

  • Nikka Yoichi 10-Year-Old- An Exquisite Single malt
  • Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel- A 2013 Japanese Scotch, matured in bourbon casks to give it a fruity tone with a hint of bourbon.
  • Chichibu the Peated 3-Year-Old- A fairly new kid on the block, this delicious malt offers a smoky rendition and shows character way beyond its age.
  • Karuizawa 1980- Old and experienced malt, the best way to describe this old-timer is to simply say that it is ‘Christmas in a bottle’. A mix of candied fruits, spices and a hint of fresh oak, this is a whisky which stays long after the glass has been emptied.
  • Suntory Hibiki 12-Year-Old- A good Japanese whisky to start with if you want to try Japanese blended whisky.

Japanese whisky is generally consumed the same way others are, neat or on the rocks. Blended whisky is used in cocktails or as whisky highballs. Highballs are more common to beat the hot and humid Japanese summer.

So, there you go. Kanpai!

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Nikka From The Barrel
This is a blend of multiple types of malt and grain that Nikka reserves.
Nikka Whisky
There is nothing more suitable than a blended whisky to represent Nikka’s way of whisky making.
Suntory White Whisky
Inspired by that interplay, Suntory Whisky Toki brings together old and new -the House of Suntory's proud heritage and its innovat
Suntory Royal Whisky
Suntory Royal Whisky was originally released in 1960 to mark the company's 60th anniversary, the whisky is a supreme example of th
Hibiki 17 Year Old Blended Japanese Whisky
The Hibiki 17 Year Old is a blended Japanese whisky from the house of Suntory.
Nikka Coffey Grain Japanese Whisky
Nikka Coffey Grain is a Japanese whisky produced by Nikka Whisky, one of the largest whisky makers in the country.
Suntory The Chita Single Grain Japanese Whisky
The Chita is a single grain whisky produced by Suntory, the largest maker of alcoholic beverages in Japan.
Yamazaki 18 Year Old Japanese Single Malt Whisky
The Yamazaki 18 Year Old Single Malt is a Japanese whisky from Suntory, the largest alcoholic beverage makers of Japan.