Unlike the complex rules for making bourbon or Scotch, there is just one law for Canadian whisky distillers to follow: Their whisky must be fermented, distilled and aged in Canada.

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Old Canada Whisky
Old Canada Whisky
Wiser's Deluxe Whisky
This award-winning, full-flavoured Canadian Rye whisky offers a rich aroma with a body that is complex and perfectly balanced.
Seagram's Five Star Whisky
The Seagram Company was a large corporation headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
Crown Royal Whisky
Crown Royal Deluxe is the standard of excellence for Canadian whisky.
Wiser's Special Blend Whisky
Hand-made using traditional methods and ingredients, this golden amber whisky is fragrant with honey, vanilla and cloves on the nose.
Revel Stoke Whisky
creamy vanilla, black cherries, hints of allspice, oak, and tobacco.
Crown Royal Apple Whisky
To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal whiskies are hand-selected by our master blender and infused with Regal Gala Apples and
Wiser's Spiced Whisky
J.P. Wiser’s Spiced combines the award-winning, uncompromising taste of the Canadian whisky you know and love with a hint of spice.
Mt Royal Light Whisky
Mount Royal Light Canadian Whiskey is meticulously handcrafted by master distillers using a long-standing tradition.
Wiser's Hopped Flavoured Whisky
J.P. Wiser’s Hopped is made using traditional Canadian Whisky methods, but blended using methods from the brewing industry.
Crown Royal Black Whisky
Crown Royal Black is a rich and flavorful blend of Canadian whisky.
Wisers Small Batch Whisky
In the late-1800s, John Philip Wiser, or J.P.