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  1. Father’s Day – The Perfect Whisky Gift Ideas For Your Father

    Father’s Day simply isn’t a day that celebrates fatherhood and honours fathers all over the world, but a day to make your father feel just as special as you believe him to be. Now for a day of...

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  2. 9 Perfect Whiskies for your Cricket World Cup Fiesta!

    If the Indian Premier League is the annual festival of Cricket for the lovers of this beautiful game, the World Cup is perhaps the greatest Cricket carnival we could ever ask for! No matter who...

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  3. The most expensive Scotch whisky brands for your priceless collection

    The fruits of hard work and labor of distillers, master blenders and the people who have been producing some of the finest...

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  4. 9 Best Premium Whisky Brands Available in India

    With the advent of Whisky tasting as an activity in India and the vast improvement when it comes to the quality of this magnificent spirit, the populace has begun to indulge in premium Whisky in...

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  5. Navigating the World of Single Malts - Glenmorangie vs Glenfiddich

    Enjoying a splendid single malt whisky is one of the few distinguished pleasures of life, and whisky tasting itself is an activity that is an acquired taste.

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  6. Difference between Beer and Whisky

    The difference between Beer and Whisky is a concept so often misunderstood, not only by recreational drinkers but by connoisseurs of either drink too!

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  7. Chivas Regal vs Glenfiddich: Comparison between Best Scotch

    An icon put up against another promises to produce a battle that will be equal parts legendary, and tantalizing.

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  8. 6 Different Types of Barrels used to Age Whisky and What They Mean

    A lot goes into determining the character and flavor profile of a whisky, and as much as every component right from the ingredients to the shape and size of the stills play a part in it, perhaps...

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  9. Must Have Indian Whisky Brands for your Home Bar

    One of the world’s largest and strongest whisky consuming markets, India not only welcomes Scotch, Bourbon and Irish whiskey with open arms but also continues to harbor a prospering Indian whisky...

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  10. Bow St. Belter Cocktail

    The Irish penchant for whiskey has allowed them to craft some of the most brilliant beverages that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, with the presence of Irish whiskey being the only desired...