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  1. Best Scotch Whisky

    Best Scotch Whiskies in the World

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    Selectively finished in Grande Champagne Cognac casks, Chivas XV is a disruptive new addition to the Scotch category


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  3. A Million Dollar Scotch, You Heard That Right

    Caviar and champagne in your private yacht while sailing around the Greek islands of Santorini?

    A 16th century Scottish castle?

    Watching the sun go down on the Italian coast of...

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  4. Famous Bartenders and their Famous Cocktails

    Some like serving it neat, while others recommend ‘on the rocks’. And there is a group who would swear by the ‘body’ and ‘flavour’ that a splash of water brings out. Bartenders across the world...

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  5. Fishful Thinking: Top 7 Whisky-infused Fish Recipes

    Perhaps you like whisky and like many other whisky drinkers, you prefer drinking your whisky slightly diluted with ice cubes in a glass of diet cola, paired with a fried fish fillet. Of course,...

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  6. Best of Both Worlds: Hot and Cold Whisky Chili Granita

    This preparation is one that I’ve adapted over the years from my aunt and I often turn to it when cooking for friends. Haven’t heard of whisky chili granita before? Well, gastronomers describe it...


  7. A Fruity Affair: Maple Peach Whiskey Jam

    That a well made maple peach whiskey jam is delightful, we all know. However, what many people do not know is that it is a simple recipe and just about anybody can make it. Ingredients are not...


  8. Glenlivet launches a Mysterious Whisky

    Think you know whisky? Think again.

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