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  1. Teacher’s Highland Cream – A Scottish bartender reveals the perfect way to drink Highland Cream

    Teachers Highland Cream is a leading blended Scotch whisky brand, and is extremely popular in global markets,...

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  2. Speyside Whiskies V Highland Whiskies

    Arguably the greatest Scottish export to have ever been produced, Scotch whisky has inspired all whisky lovers to take a keen interest into its geography; not for reasons political or geological,...

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  3. Highland Whiskies Vs Lowland Whiskies

    The Scottish mainland is divided into five regions, officially recognized for their greatest ever contribution to the world, producing whisky. These five whisky making regions of Scotland are not...

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  4. Different Types of Blended Whisky

    The term ‘Blended Whisky’ implies a mixture or combination of two or more whiskies, although it doesn’t even begin to describe the many, many types of Blended whiskies that exist all over the...

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  5. Johnnie Walker Red Label vs. Johnnie Walker Black Label (Going Red or Black)

    From the house of Johnnie Walker, two of the most famously preferred blended Scotch whiskies of the world, the Johnnie Walker Red Label and the Johnnie Walker Black Label are both excellent...

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  6. Whiskies to enjoy at a weekend house party

    Throwing a house party has the potential to be the highlight of your social status, but planning a house party is a much more tedious activity that few people enjoy, and that is because very few...

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  7. Smithfield Grocer Cocktail

    One of the most underrated spirits in the world when it comes to cocktails, Irish Whiskey is the perfect replacement if you are looking to swap out the criminally overdone vodka and white rum...


  8. Teacher's 50 Review by an Expert Bartender

    Not many whisky drinkers go through life without at least once being subject to an extensive monologue about the many facets of whisky, and the endless list of do’s and don’ts that follow.

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  9. Facts about some of the oldest and most enduring Scotch whisky brands

    None can deny how Scotch whisky is an absolutely crucial and integral part of Scotland’s history, and just how much it has shaped the country’s identity for centuries. Scotch lovers have for years...

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  10. Top 5 whiskies for all Cocktail Lovers

    Cocktails add a fascinating breath of fresh air to just about any drink, and none more so than the ever versatile whisky that can make all our recreational indulgences just a bit more tempting.

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