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  1. Best Ways to Utilize Empty Whiskey Bottles

    Whiskey lovers may or may not be enthusiastic travelers but the one thing they definitely hate arriving at, is the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Now it would be unwise to discard something that you...

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  2. Whisky Brands With Royal Warrants

    The most valuable seal of approval for a Scotch whisky, other than the loyalty of a whisky drinker, is the Royal Warrant, a deed that declares the patronage of the British Monarchy for a trader,...

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  3. Johnnie Walker vs Chivas Regal

    Chivas Regal and Johnnie Walker have contributed so immensely towards building a reputation for Scotch worldwide, one begins to wonder if Scotch would be the same without them?

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  4. Best Budget Scotch Whiskies in India for your Month-End-Blues

    Few things in life are as inevitable and unforgiving as the morbid reflection of our finances at the end of the month, and for a Scotch whisky lover with a famously uncompromising penchant for a...

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  5. Irish Coffee Flip

    The Irish coffee is perhaps everything you would expect when you hear its name; a Whiskey cocktail that is as Irish as can be. A simple, yet delicious preparation, an Irish Coffee Flip is prepared...


  6. Red Label vs Ballantine’s Finest

    Two of the world’s bestselling blended Scotch whiskies, both the Ballantine’s Finest and Johnnie Walker Red Label are the standard expressions from the core range of both iconic Scotch whisky...

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  7. 100 Pipers Deluxe Vs Teacher’s Highland Cream

    The Scotch whisky segment is an exceedingly popular category in the Indian market, and with a growing number of options, the Indian Scotch whisky lover is truly spoilt for choice.

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  8. How is a 25-Year-Old whisky better than a 12-Year-Old?

    Did you know why a 12-Year-Old bottle of whisky is significantly more expensive than a 25-Year-Old whisky from the same distillery? Does the age of a whisky really make it better, and matter...

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  9. Speyside Whiskies Vs Lowland Whiskies

    No other country around the world is as devoted to the art of whisky making as Scotland, who have been diligently involved in the craft for centuries even carving up their mainland into five...

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  10. Speyside Single Malts Vs Islay Single Malts

    While most countries are divided into smaller states, Scotland is divided on the basis of whisky making regions, such is the crucial role played by the ‘spirit of the Gods’ in the country’s...

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