There are different other whiskey brands available in India to choose from other than those mentioned below. This purely depends on individual likes and dislikes and moreover taste is a very big issue here. There is a variety of options to choose from depending on price and availability. It is best to try different variants before selecting and choosing what is best for an individual.
The Macallan - Rs. 9250 for 700 ml
Talisker 18 Years Old - Rs. 5548/- for 750 ml
Monkey Shoulder Triple Malt – Rs. 4000 for 700 ml
The Glenlivet 12 – Rs. 5610 for 750 ml
Amrut Whiskey - Rs. 3608 for 750 ml
Imperial Blue- Rs.404 for 750 ml
Blenders Pride- Rs 929
McDowell’s No. 1- Rs.2200 for 750ml
Bagpiper Whiskey- Rs 310 for 750ml
Royal Stag- Rs.2500 for 750ml