Royal Challenge Whisky

    Royal Challenge Whisky

    For close to 30 years, Royal Challenge has been one of the largest selling premium whisky brand in India. Apart from the deep and intensely smooth blend of scotch and premium Indian grains in Royal Challenge whisky, American charred oak casks are used for ageing, during which it gains color and flavor from the caramelized sugars in the charred wood and infuses the whiskey with a unique taste.

    The brand has recently refreshed its image by contemporizing the Royal Challenge emblem of the Lion and Roundel and embedded the new packaging with markers of aspiration and hence the new Black & Red clutter breaking look is more distinctive, premium, masculine and bold. Royal Challenge has also realigned its brand positioning with a shift in the thinking of India’s new generation, which has replaced ‘why?’ with ‘why not?’, embracing dynamism instead of predictability. It’s the spirit of a time when boldness is its own reward. Right from the blend and packaging to the man it appeals to, Royal Challenge is a celebration of the brave and the unconventional. Today Royal Challenge’s brand purpose is ‘To inspire the spirit of taking on life’ and it imbibes the motto of ‘Live Bold’. The refreshed Royal Challenge has found a strong acceptance among the customers and the brand is witnessing a robust growth trajectory across the country.

    • Nose

      An amazingly smooth whisky, the secret of its velvet-like texture lies in the use of leisurely matured malt and grain spirit.

    • Finish

      The finishing gets long, smooth, deep and yet so delicate.

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