Johnnie Walker Red Scotch

    Johnnie Walker Red Scotch

    "Johnnie Walker Red Label is our Pioneer Blend, the one that has introduced our whisky to the world. Highly versatile and with universal appeal, it has a bold, characterful flavour that shines through even when mixed. Johnnie Walker Red Label is now the best-selling Scotch Whisky around the globe. Johnnie Walker Red Label is crackling with spice and bursting with vibrant, smoky flavours. It’s a blend that combines light whiskies from Scotland’s East Coast and more peaty whiskies from the West, creating an extraordinary depth of flavour. "

    • Nose

      Hints of fresh apple, pear and the spark of zest from the elegant Speyside malts.

    • Palate

      Fruity sweetness, cinnamon and pepper crackling on the centre of your tongue.

    • Finish

      A sophisticated, smoky finish - the signature of all Johnnie Walker blends.

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