Imperial 17 Year Scotch

Imperial 17 Year Scotch

Imperial is a Scotch whisky distilled from the finest malted barley and Scottish water. Renowned for its authentic, complex, yet smooth flavours, Imperial is Korea’s leading Scotch.

A Part Des Anges Closed Distilleries bottling of single malt Scotch whisky from the Imperial Distillery, which was mothballed in 1998 and has yet to reopen its doors. This whisky was distilled in 1995 and matured for 17 years until 2012.

Since its merging in 2004, Imperial has sold over 6 million cases. The brand holds strong appeal for the Korean market, where premium spirits are in particular demand. The range starts with a 12 year-old whisky and stretches all the way up to a 21 year-old blend.

To protect its authenticity and intellectual property, the brand has developed a series of ground-breaking, innovative measures aimed at preventing counterfeit.

  • Nose

    Spiced with notes of pipe tobacco, walnut, hints of honey and barley.

  • Palate

    Malty palate with notes of tobacco.

  • Finish

    A hint of mint on the finish

  • Taste

    There are four whiskies in the Imperial range: Imperial 12 Year Old (35cl, 50cl, 70cl), Imperial 17 Year Old (33cl, 45cl), Imperial 19 Year Old (50cl) and Imperial 21 Year Old (45cl). These whiskies should be enjoyed neat or lengthened with water.

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