When it comes to tasting whisky, this golden elixir makes the glass feel like it has a lot of potential hidden in it. It makes the water taste better, and understands the share of the throat. The first sip communicates with you, asking how you feel about the gratifying presence of it in your mouth, and you reply to it by passing it slowly down your throat. Twelve years of nurturing, which is the least, does leave one's thirst quenched in form of this liquid sunshine. Delicious, oaky, crafted whisky brews deserve to be tasted like a true whisky connoisseur. Even if you’re a whiskey beginner you can still learn the proper ways and etiquettes of how to taste whisky. It’s nothing complicated but definitely elegant.


The first step in the art of tasting whisky involves choosing a glass that deserves the drink to be poured into it. Drinking whiskey is all about the experience since whiskey can grab the attention of so many of our senses. The golden spirit can be a visual treat and the first step to drink whiskey is to choose the right whiskey glassware. You’ll want to swirl and sniff your liquor at a later stage, so make sure you pick the standard industry glassware designed for tasting – an elongated sherry glass with a short stem.


Just any won't do justice to the next step, which involves our nasal sense that assesses the whisky. Tasting is simply to confirm what our nose has told us already. This is of utmost significance in the whole whiskey drinking experience. Your olfactory senses heighten the experience tenfold as it really brings out the aromas.


To know what it communicates, it needs to be given a swirl to release the aromas while maintaining a certain distance between the nose and the glass to avoid the sting of the blend. The nasal sense and the swirling actually go hand in hand. Swirl your drink and sniff. Swirl some more and sniff again. After the essential swirling and sniffing, we finally get down to the palate where you savour the taste. Here’s how to taste whiskey: take a sip and roll the delicious warm whiskey in your mouth. Observe the tastes and the flavors you might begin to notice. And once you feel you’ve done the whiskey tasting properly you may now swallow the drink, relish it, and actually touch the years of blending only to swallow it to make yourself feel immortal.


Adding a few mere drops of water can be an additional step to drink whiskey. Water opens up different flavors and aromas in your whiskey, adding to your overall experience. The water might be the last step of this journey, but certainly not the least, as it often brings out the flavour when added in proportion.

Make sure you repeat the process; the holy trinity: Sniff. Swirl. Sip.

They say a glass can be half full or half empty as long as one enjoys whisky in it. Learn about the various ways to drink whisky and benefits of whisky. Additionally, read on what is whisky and how is whisky made. Cheers!

They say a glass can be half full or half empty as long as one enjoys whisky in it. So don't worry about the quantity, just enjoy what goes down your throat.