A bottle of your choicest whisky lies stashed away in your closet, good enough only to be brought out on a worthy occasion. The question is, how can you best enjoy a dram of this decadence? There are a number of ways to choose from.


Drinking whisky ‘neat’ is to drink it without adding anything to it — at room temperature, poured out of the bottle into a glass. Many advocates of this method consider it to be the ‘purest’ way to drink whisky — undiluted and unsullied. However, this is not necessarily true.

On the rocks

If you prefer your drink ice-cold, just add a few cubes of ice to the whisky. Make sure it is of high-quality water, and keep a spoon around to fish out those that start melting later.

With water

Adding a splash of water to your drink can really open up the flavours of the whisky and allow you to savour it fully. This is because cask strength whisky has an anesthetizing effect on your taste buds, numbing your tongue and keeping you from being able to taste your drink after a while. This is why it is often a better way than consuming it neat. About a capful of distilled water would be enough. Should you still feel a buzz in your tongue, add another capful.

In a cocktail

Although this is not recommended with an extremely high-end brand of whisky, you can always enjoy your whisky in a cocktail or mixed drink. They can be as innovative as they are delicious. Save your finest to be imbibed alone, and use your other whiskies to whip up some tasty tipples.