Gooderham & Worts Whisky

    Gooderham & Worts Whisky

    Blended in tiny batches of only ten barrels, this is a super-premium Canadian whisky named after the pioneering founders of one of Canada's first major distilleries.

    Gooderham & Worts celebrates the history behind a Toronto grist mill and distillery which first produced whisky in 1837. It closed in 1990, but at its height was producing over 2 million liters of whisky a year, which at the time was half the production in the whole of Canada. This whisky was first released in the late 90’s as part of the failed Canadian Whisky Guild Series along with Lot 40 and Pike Creek. It’s back! This bottling was distilled by Corby Distillers and production was overseen by Dr. Don Livermore. The four grains blended are corn, wheat, rye, and barley. It is bottled at 44.4% abv.

    • Nose

      notes of honey, toffee, dried flowers, and bubble-gum

    • Palate

      palate is rich and full with a smooth/viscous mouthfeel and flavours of sweet floral and stone fruit

    • Finish

      medium-length spicy finish

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