Blenders Pride Reserve Whisky

Blenders Pride Reserve Whisky

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is India's finest, and most premium admix whisky with a superior blend, elegant packaging and an enhanced product experience "an icon of style and good taste". It is a collection of "reserve whiskies" that have been blended together by the noted master blender to deliver the most premium whisky in India.

Launched in 2011, Blenders Pride Reserve Collection whisky is an exceptional blend in which the maturation of Scotch malts is done using the Solera process in the most select of casks. This smooth blend of scotch malts and Indian grain spirit has an evolved fruity palate for the discerning.

Blenders Pride Reserve Collection is available in 4 pack sizes – 1L, 750ml, 375ml and 180ml.


    A full and fruity nose with delicate honey and vanilla notes, woody fruity [tropical fruit] with a touch of peat. Oaky fragrance with medium intensity encompassing an aromatic sweetness.


    Full bodied, mellow, slightly sweet combined with well balanced notes of fruitiness & soft smokiness.


    Aromatic, creamy, sweet, round, complex.


    Truly pleasant.

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