Blenders Pride Whisky

    Blenders Pride Whisky

    Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whisky is a flagship brand for Pernod Ricard India. It commands close to 63% market share in the premium admix whisky segment. The brand is targeted at the contemporary, confident Indian; and positioned on lifestyle and good taste. “good taste stays with you" is the advertising tag line.

    Blenders Pride was launched in 1995 in the Premium admix category. A blend of imported scotch malts from Chivas Brothers and select premium Indian grain spirits. Blenders Pride is the result of 140 years of Seagram’s great tradition of blending fine whiskies. No artificial flavours, consistent quality, exceptional taste and aspiration led communication has powered the brand to category leadership with current annual volume exceeding 5 Million cases.

    Blenders Pride Rare Premium Whisky is available in 7 pack sizes – 2L, 1L, 750ml, 375ml, 180ml, 90ml and 60ml, all with tamper evident caps.

    • AROMA

      Leafy (like cut grass), Woody Fruity (tropical fruit) with a touch of peat.

    • TASTE

      Full bodied, Mellow, Silghtly Sweet (Buttery).





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