Whiskey Met Sandwich and It was a Romance to Remember

Few things in life are more gratifying than sinking your teeth into a toasty grilled cheese sandwich oozing warm, gooey cheddar, on chilly winter evenings. So astonishingly simple, yet so satisfying— this classic dish continues to reign among favorites. How does one top such a meal? By accompanying it with a choice dram, of course.

Here are some ideas for sandwich and whiskey pairings that are certain to elevate your gastronomical experience and make it a truly spiritual one.

Pour yourself a glass of Islay Scotch with that grilled bacon and cheese. The characteristic smokiness of peat matches the fatty, salty meat and cheddar marvelously. Scotch is unique because of its extra bite to the tongue. Cheddar too, has a zing that is accentuated by the Scotch Whisky. The Macallan Single Malt and Johnnie Walker Black Label are both good options.

Peaty whiskies in general, such as bourbon, are perfect with barbequed meats. The earthy peat heightens the slightly charred aftertaste, while the sweetness of the marinade serves to balance the smokiness. Try a pulled pork sandwich with a dram of Woodford Reserve. Your taste buds will thank you.

A hot ham or pastrami sandwich dipped in a light gravy, is complemented splendidly by rye whiskey. Rye is spicy and grainy, with a stronger kick than bourbon whiskey. It combats the peppery, briny tang of the meat excellently. Rittenhouse and Wild Turkey produce quality rye whiskies that are great choices.

If a spicy chorizo is your sandwich meat of choice, why not wash it down with a sweet bourbon? It will even out the chorizo’s pungent paprika heat without competing with its robust flavor profile. The Jack Daniels Single Barrel makes a prime candidate for pairing, as does the Four Roses Small Batch.

Whether you like to whip up your own sandwich creations or haunt your favorite diner, make sure to pair it with a glass of fine whiskey next time.

Astonishing the Palate: When Whiskey Meets Cheese