A Trip Down Memory Lane, With an Adult Twist

Does a jaunt to the fair with your five-year-old assail you with visions from your own childhood? Does it revive memories of a jolly carousel spin, the breathtaking view from a Ferris wheel, and of course, the food stalls? Of course, sampling the ubiquitous fare of corn dogs, cotton candy and caramel apple may not impart the same joy you felt back then. Such cholesterol-elevating options now need to be worth it, really.

But you can relive your carefree youth and feed your nostalgia (adult style), with the Bourbon Street milkshake— a liquor-laced beauty that puts a spin on the traditional fair staple – the chocolate milkshake. Popularized by Brooklyn Bowl, a restaurant in Virginia, this boozy beverage will definitely transport you back to your childhood, along with satiating your grown-up tastes.

Here’s a tip – do try and use pure-bean vanilla ice-cream made with egg yolks in the recipe. The richness in taste is truly unparalleled. Be generous with the hazelnut spread. Nutella is a suitable brand option. The malt also goes a long way, but only if you prefer the flavor.

You’ll need…

1 cup vanilla ice cream made with egg yolks
2 tbsp whole milk
45ml bourbon
2 tbsp hazelnut spread
1 tsp malt powder (optional)

Then you have to…

Measure out the ice cream and store in the freezer till the time you are about to mix the shake. Combine the other ingredients in a blender or milkshake canister. Blend until smooth at a medium speed, and the hazelnut spread has been thoroughly infused. Add the ice cream and whip until creamy. Pour into a chilled sundae glass.