A Sinful Ecstasy with Egg and the Kick of Whiskey

Pairing scotch with food is a bit of a challenge owing to its strong flavor and heavy alcohol content. Even in Scotland, the alcohol is not preferred to be consumed along with dinner, rather served after it. But why reserve your favorite drink for the end? Choose a perfect appetizer to complement the whiskey flavor of your choice. If you are looking for a break from meat and liver, we completely get your mood and are here with our suggestions.

A sunny side up at the start of the day goes down well with most. On the contrary, the idea of incorporating egg in a starter with alcohol is a concept unfamiliar with many. But you would agree, that the monotony of meat can be done away with a mouth-watering egg benedict. ‘Coyote 100 Light Whiskey’ from South Dakota or the ‘High West’ produces an astounding synergy with benedict, soothing the richness of the egg and bacon. Benedict is an impeccable example of an orchestration, with eggs poached to perfection on warm and crispy bacon and the heavenly drizzle of the creamy Hollandaise sauce. The bustling eggs right from the oven, is a good break from those meaty delicacies served at most bar tables.

If you are a fan of smoky scotch, pair it with the Campfire Hen’s Egg. The partially cooked egg in water leaves the yoke soft. The smoky Lavavulin’s 16 year old is a great compliment to the eggs finished in double smoked bacon broth. The outside is stunningly golden owing to the bacon and the first bite is unquestionably smoky. In the subsequent bites, the half cooked runny egg melts inside your mouth - an absolute bliss for egg lovers. The bacon broth, adds to the smokiness of the Lavavulin without hampering the delicate flavors of egg. An accompanying slaw made of the greens of your choice, with the smear of mustard elevates the experience.

Egg is often a rescuer, especially when you are hungry at odd times, or indecisive on what to serve for munching along with alcohol when friends turn up on a weekend. Should it be a simple chips and dips affair? An entire spread would mean too much effort, especially when you are lethargic to turn on the stove on a lazy Sunday. How about a non-complicated snack to pair with the evening’s cocktails? Scrambled eggs with some cheese is an absolute savior – simplicity wrapped in sophistication. Serve with any whiskey base, and a perfect delight it is! Cheese is undeniably one of the closest whiskey companions! The egg adds to the zing – making it a delightful union you can vouch for anytime.