A Piggy Affair: Pairing Whiskey with Pork Ribs

To live a life full of adventure, one has to escape the ordinary. If you are up for this quest and willing to go beyond the cliché, food and whiskey pairing is the emerging culinary art. Whiskey and food matching may seem daunting because of the former’s complex character, but once you delve deep into the process, there are some ridiculously delicious flavors waiting to explode in your mouth. The growing interest among Whiskey enthusiasts of combining the two is no longer outré.

When it comes to pairing meat and whiskey, simplicity works best, and what’s better than a classic dish of Pork Ribs and whiskey? They are the perfect combination of sweet and spice that will never disappoint you.

Slather a rack of pork ribs in a honey glaze made with honey, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, dark brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, with a dash of lemon juice and soy sauce. Brush the thickened sauce all over the ribs and place it in the oven for 5 to 7 minutes. This tender pork spare ribs is an excellent match for Islay scotch whiskey. Islay’s smoky flavor derived from peat along with the sweetness of the marinade heightens and complements the texture of the succulent pork to a great extent.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon is another easy pair that works well with pork’s barbequed and charred flavor. Remember, balancing the flavor is the key to mastering the art of pairing.

Pork with its versatile character and range of cuts can come up with a repertoire of high end menus. To create a magic on your plate one has to consider the flavor and the cut of the meat. The thickness of the meat along with the fat content in each cut can greatly alter the texture and flavor of the dish.

Ribs cut into rib-lets and tossed in Chinese barbeque sauce is a palate tantalizing dish for sure. High West’s Rendezvous Rye is a perfect drink that goes well and brings out the subtle flavors of the meat.

Pairing whiskey with the right food that brings out the beautiful flavor of the dram is key. So deep dive into the limitless universe of food and whiskey and explore the unknown dimension of developing culinary art form.