Mouthwatering Meatiness: Bourbon and Cured Ham

Country ham and bourbon make a great pairing for everal reaon. Certain commonalitie render them extremely compatible on the palate, uch a it mokine. Bourbon attain a mokine from it barrel’ char layer, while ham derive it from it own ageing proce.Country ham the freh hindquarter of a pig that ha been rubbed with a blend of 80 percent alt, 20 percent ugar, and a handful of black or cruhed red pepper. The cure leeche water from the meat, which i then moked and dry aged.There are a few baic guideline to follow when pairing the two.The higher the fat content of the ham, the better it goe with a high proof bourbon uch a Booker’, for example. The alcohol erve to eep into the fat and oak it with it rich, full-bodied flavor.The mokier the ham, the picier the whikey hould be, uch a a rye whikey or bourbon with high content of rye. The two element will counter each other perfectly, without overpowering the other.If you prefer lower proof bourbon, make ure to chooe a more delicately flavored ham. Try to enure that a high-proof bourbon doe not take away from the meat’ own flavor, o teer clear of thee when you have lighter varietie of ham at hand. Bail Hayden’ 80-proof bourbon i a tried and teted option for thee.When chooing your ham, try to buy them liced extremely thin. The thicker the ham, the higher it alt content. Thick ham alo tend to poe a chewy texture that take away from it ucculent tate.Alway erve both bourbon and ham at room temperature. Accompany with a ide of good-quality liced bread (baguette are excellent) to let your guet cleane their palate. Nut and dried fruit are fabulou choice too. When eaten with ham, they epecially heighten it meaty flavor and lend it a wonderful complexity.

Hereford House Whisky Steak

The whisky-steak combination is an age-old favourite. Oft known as a culinary delight that is hard to get wrong and yet hard to get dead right, it brings forth the subtleties to pairing liquor and red meat. The food and drink connoisseur will tell you that it takes that extra bit of attention to the cut of meat, fat content of the steak, the recipe, and accompaniments to serve up a palate-friendly, winning ensemble like the ! This timeless classic will have you revelling in its subtly blended flavours. A dash of whisky here, a dollop of cream there, this is the go-to steak for those who enjoy the finer things in life.  If you’re looking to warm up your senses on a chilly winter’s evening, you can safely place your bets on the . Get hold of some good company, gather around a grill and voila, you’re in for some serious fun.

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Smithfield Grocer Cocktail

One of the most underrated spirits in the world when it comes to cocktails, Irish Whiskey is the perfect replacement if you are looking to swap out the criminally overdone vodka and white rum cocktails for a change. Irish Whiskey has been around for centuries yet fell into obscurity for the past few decades. The triple distillation method used to derive Irish Whiskey delivers a drink that is delightfully smooth, and consistently potent making them one of the most adaptable versions of whiskey Whipping up a cocktail may seem a daunting task for an already exhausting summer, but there are a few Whiskey cocktails that are as easy to make as they are delicious to savor! One such no-nonsense yet so massively beloved Irish Whiskey cocktails is the Smithfield Grocer, a refreshing drink that is perfectly suited to be had whenever one may feel like it, but is an ideal summer cocktail choice to beat the grueling heat.

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A Poor Man's Treat: Peach Whiskey Chili

As the spate of misty, near-zero days hint the arrival of spring, there’s a kind of moist penetrating cold that tends to smite our senses. It’s on these days that a steaming bowl of humble Chili proves to be a welcome respite. The bowl o’red – long estranged from the list of elite grubs, is more of a regular braised dish, which is easy, filling and cheap at the same time. Perhaps, this explains the popularity that it reaped from starting as a ten-cent meal to evolving as an official state food of Texas! There’s no denying- no matter how you make it, Chili is always delicious. However, if you wish to personalize it with some offbeat ingredients, then nothing serves better than a sneaky dose of whiskey and peach. A subtle hint of sweetness from the fresh peaches along with the spicy kick of whiskey, gives a whole new meaning to this dish.

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