Life’s Simple Pleasures: Whiskey and Risotto

Delicious, luxurious and effortlessly remarkable is what pairing risotto and whiskey is all about. Risotto with its creamy and silky texture along with the smoky, deep and rich flavor of the whiskey works perfectly and makes for a sensational gastronomical combo. Adding an Italian twist to your whiskey will bring out the distinctive taste and what’s better than tantalizing your palate with a wee bit of an unconventionality?

An Italian rice dish, mostly popular in Northern Italy can be prepared with an incredible array of style and flavor which is traditionally, served as a main dish for lunch or dinner in the typical Italian household. It’s repertoire of flavorful variations with mushrooms, cashew nut and cucumber, feta cheese and rosemary brings in an unlimited world of delectably enticing meal. With a bit of commitment and love, risotto can make your soul dance provided it is paired with a perfect whiskey that will complement each other.

If you are longing for a heart-warming meal on a chilly Scottish evening, scallop and fennel risotto paired with a single malt whiskey such as Glenmorangie is your soulmate. All you need is a coarsely chopped stalks of fennel, scallops, fish stock and some white wine. A plate of this seafood risotto with a kick of some citrusy and fruity malt from Glenmorangie is the best haute cuisine, bar none.

Mushroom risotto with a dram of fine malt of Lagavulin is another match made in heaven. With all the buttery and cheesy goodness along with a sprinkle of thyme gives out a fragrant nutty flavor and the peaty flavor of the whiskey mellows down creating a fantastic dinner.

That’s not all, with growing gastronomical adventures among gastronomes, blending whiskey as an ingredient in recipes and not just as an accompaniment to your food, is now becoming universal. All you need is to throw in some whiskey at the last moment, in the pan juices and let the magic unfold.

Want some soul-stirring gastronomical experience that will leave you flabbergasted? Then get your creative juices flowing and pamper yourself with a glass of neat whiskey and risotto.