Alberta Premium Whisky

    Alberta Premium Whisky

    The authentic flavour of prairie rye and careful barrel ageing gives this whisky a golden amber colour and an aromatic sweet bouquet of banana, toffee, and light spice. The flavour is mellow and slightly smoky with a lively woody edge on a medium weight palate that finishes with a hint of hot cinnamon spice.

    • Nose

      A powerful whiff of wood then a wealth of sweet rye spices dissolve slowly into dark fruits. The aroma begins to dry out before it suddenly sparkles with bursts of ginger. An appealing fresh-cut lumber, rich in cedar and oak, forms a backbone that supports everything else.

    • Palate

      Vanilla toffee, then loads of wood: Canadian wood, not the harsh tannic oak of first-use barrels, but fresh and aromatic like a lumberyard. Some slightly drying tannins do sneak in after a few minutes, though. Fragrant red cedar is underscored by hot pepper and sweet rye spices. A refreshing limey zest develops quickly. The peppery spices are warm, mingling neatly with a touch of ripe fruit. It’s zesty, but it’s also creamy and has decent weight.

    • Finish

      Longish, hot, and ever changing. Fresh-cut wood, then pepper with traces of peppermint and sweet baking spices, are followed by dried rye grain and an earthy sourness. A slight cleansing citric zest grows more evident as the hot pepper begins to fade. Stays woody until it finally disappears.

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